About Us

At Copenhagen Bicycle Kompany we are passionate about bicycles.

We wish to offer you and your family the freedom that riding a bicycle can bring. Our goal is to make sure we offer you the best bicycles available, to bring you the best experience possible whether you commute every day, some days, or maybe you just wish to use your bicycle for short trips locally.

Copenhagen Bicycle Kompany is a family company run by husband and wife Jesper and Veronica. They started importing Danish designed bicycles to the UK, as there was very littleĀ choice if you wanted to get a quality utility bicycle for both adults and children. All our bicycles are designed and developed in Denmark, and produced and assembled in Germany or in the Far East under strict supervision. The bicycles fully comply with both UK and Danish regulations. They have stood their test in the harsh Danish winters, always close to the sea, and doing thousands after thousands of miles in Danish cities and countryside.

We have been able to makeĀ an agreement with the Danish brands Ebsen, MBK and Winther to market their bicycles in the United Kingdom. We are now able to offer you bicycles of very high quality at a very reasonable price.

We hope you will enjoy our bicycles as much as we do. Should you have any questions or doubts in regard to which model would suit you best, visit our showroom in Langton Green, just outside Royal Tunbridge Wells or give us a call on 01892 300-830 to discuss what we have to offer you.