Lucas DuraLight 100 Lumen LED Bike Light Set


A winning combination! This durable combo includes the robust Duralight 100 Lumen front LED bike light partnered with the super bright Duralight rear. Both are USB rechargeable and feature water-resistant silicone bodies with integral straps to stretch around any part of your frame. No additional brackets are required and nothing is left on the bike, just attach or detach and go!

Lucas Duralight bike lights are USB rechargeable (via computer or mains) so you'll never be left without power again. Plus, the clever silicone designs are built to withstand the bumps and spalshes of day-to-day cycling and will happily live in your backpack until needed.

The versatile rear bike light will stretch around backpacks and clothing as well as seat posts to provide added visibility, day or night.


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